Development Finance UK

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Financing your Development Project

A network of advice services helping you with funding requirements and business protection on your development projects

Need access to short-term funds so you can move quickly - contact us for advice and arrangement


You have found the site or building that you wish to develop. It will take some time to put your plans together and prepare your financing application and you are aware that development loans can take an extended period to get approved.

The problem is that the opportunity to purchase is open only for a short while and your plans will not be ready in time.

Fortunately you do have property on which a loan can be secured and we can demonstrate the affordability of the loan.

in that event, it may be sensible to arrange a bridging loan, secured on your existing property and, perhaps, on the new site as well. You can then use these funds to secure your site and 'buy' you the time to complete your plans.

Contact LEA FS for advice as to whether this approach would be the most cost- and/or time-effective for you.