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Financing your Development Project

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Due to significant changes in the UK economy, many sites and buildings have become disused and available for conversion or development.

Old manufacturing plants and factories have fallen into disrepair and are forming a blight on our cities. But because of their former use, they have on-site parking facilities, good utility supplies and more than adequate transportation access. They thus become attractive for re-development.

The increased demand for on-line purchasing by the country's consumers and by businesses has created an opportunity to improve ware-housing and stock control. Increased numbers of businesses are seeking to expand their ware-house functions and the demand for these to be close to the main arterial routes is expected to continue.

The Government has also promised and, in some cases, delivered the release of land formerly owned by the Armed Forces and other Ministries. Much of this land is prime real estate and the Government is keen to ensure that it is used for the benefit of the wider community. They would like to see housing developments on these sites with their own retail outlets and community centres, etc.

If you are seeking to acquire any of these sites, brown-field or green, for a commercial development of whatever nature, contact us to see what funding can be arranged.